Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mistletoe and wine.

Christmas is nearly upon us. The trees are up, the cakes are in the oven and the alcohol is ready to be poured. There isn't a better feeling than lying on the sofa with the lights on feeling warm and cosy in your own home.  

Is this really what Christmas is about? 

I know for a fact that most people I know believe Christmas to be a time for families, to get together and have fun. Being at university has taught me that family time is something you should grasp whilst you can as time gradually tares everyone apart. As much as people say that Christmas should be about the Bible and Jesus, this in my opinion isn't the case in today's society. ITS ALL ABOUT FAMILY. 

Christmas Eve is one of the best evenings ever! Going to bed as early as you can so Santa comes to your house faster. This is one of my clearest memories from being a child, maybe even from last year! ;). 
Waking up on Christmas morning at 'stupid o'clock' according to your parents, but what do they know? 
And then Christmas dinner of course, eating that much you feel as though your tummy button is going to actually pop and help you out. And even though you're full to the brim you still have time to stuff your face with whatever else you can lay your hands on. 

WOW, Christmas really is an amazing time of year. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Woman in Black.

After all of the hypes from this film, it was pretty disappointing. 

Having Daniel Radcliffe as he main actor swayed me towards thinking about Harry Potter. I was half expecting one of the other actors to turn round and say 'you're a wizard Harry' but unluckily that didn't happen. It might have just made the plot a little more interesting. 

After nearly 2 hours of watching the film and to have not jumped once, for myself that meant it was a complete and utter fail as a scary film. I literally jump at the smallest things, and personally I think that most of the 'scary' parts are in the trailer itself. 

The setting on this film however is beautiful, yet so predictable. All of these ghostly goings on in a small countryside/seaside town, with a house surrounded by water at night... very predictable. 

However what I will say is that the film is a credit to Radcliffe, he does show another side to his acting abilities in this film, a more serious tone to the Potter collection. But he had a lot to live up to, with his acting in Harry Potter being next to none. 

If only Ron and Hermiony could have popped up for a little while to say hello. :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Embarrassing Bodies.

Watching this program earlier really made me think. Why on earth would thousands of people who are scared to go to the doctors and are embarrassed about certain illnesses that they have go on national television?

Not only do they show everything but they talk to the doctors like they have known them for years. "I daren't tell my Mum and Dad that I'm having sex." Well i'm afraid you just announced it to the whole entire nation my friend. 

Is the real reason for this program for people to go on about how they hate their bodies hoping that they get a cheap or free solution to their 'problem'. Its been proven that the waiting lists in the UK are some of the longest in Europe, some taking up to 3 months to get consultations (and longer). So is this one of the problems?

Maybe if the health service didn't take so long in getting people sorted then would TV shows like this make money on peoples misfortunes? 

Also if so many people were to go to these health clinics and get the doctors to see them then why are they scared to go to their local GP? Most of the cases is that these days GP's are known for their bad reputations. Getting diagnosis's wrong, personal records being leaked, many people not being able to get appointments...

So really, is this the main reason that this TV business is making so much money? Yes, I think so. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Student Life (Money)...

Being a student, the life is said to be one of the best experiences you will ever have. But when you're going through the never ending application, what is not told to you is the amount of money you spend!

Almost every student that I speak to is into their overdraft in some shape or form. Some not through choice of their own however some through constantly going out. That is where the money is spent! Going out 3 times a week will set you back around £30.00 and on top of other essentials like food and toiletries, that is a lot of money!

Student life is however one of the best experiences that a teenager/young adult will have. Meeting hundreds of new people, getting to live independently, going out when you want... This all sounds so tempting to you until you put the prices of today's market into the mix.

What happened to freddo's being 10p?

After many grovelling months of trying to find a job, success is nil. For the amount of students that live in Lincoln and other universities the jobs are so scarce. It is almost impossible to even gain an interview, let alone actually getting the job.

But in fairness all of the work, play and determination will hopefully get us students the life we want in the future. :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

House Parties 'Vs' Town

From attending a very impressive house part last night it has led me to this question, what is better, going out or house parties? 

House parties give all the guests the free will and socializing they desire, just under the same roof. However going out for a night on the town makes it easier to meet new people and let yourself loose, without the worry of being sick on the hosts couch. 

A night on the town will set any person back around £20.00 if not more, so why no buy in a few cheeky beers and celebrate in the comfort of your own home? Or someone else's in this case :P

Why do we enjoy the atmosphere of a steamingly drunk party, surrounded my randy men and women? Well the answer is to let loose, to be the person that you want to be inside that when sober, you just dare not. To be that person who can't walk home for a change instead of being the mother of the group. To maybe meet someone for the night?

That is why when drunk, people have to be careful, house parties and going out can lead to very bad consequences. As an example, waking up one morning and finding out you're pregnant with a guy you can't remember probably isn't the best way to bring a child into the world. And the making of these children are most likely done in places such as the described above. 

It is a chance for people to let loose and be free, both parties and going out. If all the right precautions are made and people aren't silly with their decisions then both can be very enjoyable experiences!! 

Saturday, 3 March 2012


In the Summer it is proven that many people gain health, due to the amazing days it brings. 

However in England we seem to get our summers spread out over the year. From being little I can remember summer times in Britain being boiling hot, but now when we get into July and August the majority of the sun has been and gone. 

Sitting in the garden with your family and friends around a BBQ seems to be too much to ask these days. Not even mentioning the endless days spent in the 'paddling pool' which at that time looked like an ocean to little people. 

What I'm getting at is that in May and June, when most people are still studying and working, that is when we get the weather we want. Summer should be moved for England into these months so schools and workers can enjoy the heat!! 

That feeling when you open your curtains in the morning and the sun is blazing through the glass is enough to make the moodiest person happy! So if we got more sun does that mean there would be less crime, arguments...

Global Warming? Coincidence? Whatever it is, England's summers need to pick themselves up. 

Oh, if only it was summertime everyday! 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Marry me, please?

On the 29th February every 4 years it is believed, through Irish Culture, that a woman can ask a man for his hand in marriage. Should this be the case?

After 1000's of years it has always been the job of the man to propose, however is it due to the change in society that it is now sociably acceptable for a woman to propose on this day?

If you love someone with all of your heart it shouldn't matter which person in the relationship decides to pop the question. Either one or the other would decide under circumstances they couldn't control. The force of love on ones heart. The want to spend your life, day in day out, with the same face to wake up to every morning. 

Even if society has changed and this isn't the woman's job then this day gives them the chance to open up and let out their feelings to the person in the world that they love the most. 

If they know, deep down, that this person is the one... that they will love them forever and that they will say yes then why wait?

Will you marry me? I wonder.