Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mistletoe and wine.

Christmas is nearly upon us. The trees are up, the cakes are in the oven and the alcohol is ready to be poured. There isn't a better feeling than lying on the sofa with the lights on feeling warm and cosy in your own home.  

Is this really what Christmas is about? 

I know for a fact that most people I know believe Christmas to be a time for families, to get together and have fun. Being at university has taught me that family time is something you should grasp whilst you can as time gradually tares everyone apart. As much as people say that Christmas should be about the Bible and Jesus, this in my opinion isn't the case in today's society. ITS ALL ABOUT FAMILY. 

Christmas Eve is one of the best evenings ever! Going to bed as early as you can so Santa comes to your house faster. This is one of my clearest memories from being a child, maybe even from last year! ;). 
Waking up on Christmas morning at 'stupid o'clock' according to your parents, but what do they know? 
And then Christmas dinner of course, eating that much you feel as though your tummy button is going to actually pop and help you out. And even though you're full to the brim you still have time to stuff your face with whatever else you can lay your hands on. 

WOW, Christmas really is an amazing time of year. 

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