Friday, 16 March 2012

The Woman in Black.

After all of the hypes from this film, it was pretty disappointing. 

Having Daniel Radcliffe as he main actor swayed me towards thinking about Harry Potter. I was half expecting one of the other actors to turn round and say 'you're a wizard Harry' but unluckily that didn't happen. It might have just made the plot a little more interesting. 

After nearly 2 hours of watching the film and to have not jumped once, for myself that meant it was a complete and utter fail as a scary film. I literally jump at the smallest things, and personally I think that most of the 'scary' parts are in the trailer itself. 

The setting on this film however is beautiful, yet so predictable. All of these ghostly goings on in a small countryside/seaside town, with a house surrounded by water at night... very predictable. 

However what I will say is that the film is a credit to Radcliffe, he does show another side to his acting abilities in this film, a more serious tone to the Potter collection. But he had a lot to live up to, with his acting in Harry Potter being next to none. 

If only Ron and Hermiony could have popped up for a little while to say hello. :)

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