Thursday, 15 March 2012

Embarrassing Bodies.

Watching this program earlier really made me think. Why on earth would thousands of people who are scared to go to the doctors and are embarrassed about certain illnesses that they have go on national television?

Not only do they show everything but they talk to the doctors like they have known them for years. "I daren't tell my Mum and Dad that I'm having sex." Well i'm afraid you just announced it to the whole entire nation my friend. 

Is the real reason for this program for people to go on about how they hate their bodies hoping that they get a cheap or free solution to their 'problem'. Its been proven that the waiting lists in the UK are some of the longest in Europe, some taking up to 3 months to get consultations (and longer). So is this one of the problems?

Maybe if the health service didn't take so long in getting people sorted then would TV shows like this make money on peoples misfortunes? 

Also if so many people were to go to these health clinics and get the doctors to see them then why are they scared to go to their local GP? Most of the cases is that these days GP's are known for their bad reputations. Getting diagnosis's wrong, personal records being leaked, many people not being able to get appointments...

So really, is this the main reason that this TV business is making so much money? Yes, I think so. 

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