Saturday, 3 March 2012


In the Summer it is proven that many people gain health, due to the amazing days it brings. 

However in England we seem to get our summers spread out over the year. From being little I can remember summer times in Britain being boiling hot, but now when we get into July and August the majority of the sun has been and gone. 

Sitting in the garden with your family and friends around a BBQ seems to be too much to ask these days. Not even mentioning the endless days spent in the 'paddling pool' which at that time looked like an ocean to little people. 

What I'm getting at is that in May and June, when most people are still studying and working, that is when we get the weather we want. Summer should be moved for England into these months so schools and workers can enjoy the heat!! 

That feeling when you open your curtains in the morning and the sun is blazing through the glass is enough to make the moodiest person happy! So if we got more sun does that mean there would be less crime, arguments...

Global Warming? Coincidence? Whatever it is, England's summers need to pick themselves up. 

Oh, if only it was summertime everyday! 

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