Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Student Life (Money)...

Being a student, the life is said to be one of the best experiences you will ever have. But when you're going through the never ending application, what is not told to you is the amount of money you spend!

Almost every student that I speak to is into their overdraft in some shape or form. Some not through choice of their own however some through constantly going out. That is where the money is spent! Going out 3 times a week will set you back around £30.00 and on top of other essentials like food and toiletries, that is a lot of money!

Student life is however one of the best experiences that a teenager/young adult will have. Meeting hundreds of new people, getting to live independently, going out when you want... This all sounds so tempting to you until you put the prices of today's market into the mix.

What happened to freddo's being 10p?

After many grovelling months of trying to find a job, success is nil. For the amount of students that live in Lincoln and other universities the jobs are so scarce. It is almost impossible to even gain an interview, let alone actually getting the job.

But in fairness all of the work, play and determination will hopefully get us students the life we want in the future. :)

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